Kathmandu Urban Marathon

Next edition 24th of april 2021

june 6 2020

Nepal is still closed for tourism for at least a few more months because of the Corona crisis. That means that we, in coöperation with the Nepali Board of Tourism, had to decide to postpone our 2020 edition of the Kathmandu Urban Marathon once again. It is not possible to organize the Kathmandu Urban Marathon in 2020. So this means that years event will be held on Saturday April 24 2021. Registrations for the 2020 edition stay valid untill then and new registrations will be excepted untill the registrationlimit is reached. Our hopes and prayers are with those suffering with this crisis that hopefully will be under control soon! For now we are helping families wo are in desperate need of food because of the devistating impact of this crisis. We organize this food project together with Coldfeet Foundation from Nepal and 112 Nepal Foundation from the Netherlands. We hope to see you all in good health in April 2021! Take care!


Be part of the rebuilding of Nepal!

Nepal is the land of Mount Everest. Stunning nature and ofcourse very friendly people. But also the land of the earthquake on April 25th in 2015! The Nepali people are still working hard to recover from that disaster.

The Kathmandu Urban Marathon is held every 2 years on April 25th starting in 2018 to commemorate the devastating earthquake of 2015. Participants of this marathon will contribute towards rebuilding and educational projects for the adults of the future!

In this event we will have the full and half marathon.

Further information and registration can be found on this website. There is only one way to enter this unique marathon and that is with the marathon package. But is possible to extend this package is you want to stay longer in Nepal. Please note it is only possible to register on line via this website.